Peerless ATV/UTV Tire Chains - $9.99

Get extra traction when rubber tires cant get a grip with Peerless ATV/UTV Tire Chains. V-bar chain gives more bite than ever before, pushing or pulling. FREE ATV/UTV Chain Tightener with chain purchase. Sold per pair. Note: Chain Tightener must be purchased separately when buying model 755. Model Tire Size Chain Tightener Included 130 22x10-8; 22x10-9; 22x8-10; 22x9-10 22x10-10; 23x7-10; 23x8-10 23x10-10; 23x8-11; 24x11-8 Yes 330 24x11-8; 24x11-9; 24x13-9; 24x11-10 24x11.5-10; 24x11-12; 25x11-9; 25x12-9 25x13-9; 25x10-10; 25x11-10; 25x12-10 25x10-11; 25x10-12; 25x11-12; 26x10-12 Yes 530 22x11-9; 22x11-10; 23x11-10 24x9-11; 24x10-11; 24x10-12 Yes 630 24x8-11; 24x9-12; 25x8 Type: ATV Tires. - $9.99


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