Pear Canoe Paddle Thinner Beaver Tail - $39.99

Mixed Canoe Paddles. Up a creek, and doing just fine! There are moments in life when a good Paddle makes all the difference. Outfit your next canoe expedition in style. Handsomely finished wood makes a fantastic display piece on your wall or leaning in a corner, too. A mixed bag of manufacturers and sizes, but our Close-Out buy means HUGE savings!Tame the mighty river: Choice of approx. lengths: Small (48-54"), Medium (55-60"), Large (61-66") or XL (67-72") Emergency Spare Paddle is substantially shorter (28" to 46"), just the right size to keep on board "just in case" or for the kids Kayak Paddle separates into 2 pieces and has 3 blade alignment options.Handle: Pear Blade Type: Thinner Beaver Tail Order ONLINE Now! - $39.99


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