PatternMaster Code Black Choke Tubes - $89.99

The Code Black series was created for serious hunters and engineered for optimal performance from nontoxic shot. These tubes incorporate the same wad-control technology that helped revolutionize the shotshell market. Decades of research and development culminated in this ported choke tube that delivers incredibly dense patterns while reducing muzzle jump and recoil. Wad-control technology reduces the shot string to deliver up to 70% more energy on target. Wad stripping also slows the base of the wad, allowing the shot to exit the barrel before the wad for undisturbed and extremely consistent shot strings. This ensures quicker release of gas resulting in reduced pressure and recoil that effectively separates the wad faster and produces an even more symmetric shot pattern. The tube coating is heat- and cryogenically-treated to strengthen the steel for superior durability in the harshest conditions. Color: Black. Type: Choke Tubes. - $89.99


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