Parker Tornado F4 Perfect Storm Crossbow Package - Red - $1,099.99

Proprietary split-limb design and Fulcrum Pocket System make this crossbow amazingly compact and extremely fast. Weighing in at 8 lbs. its lightweight, well-balanced and highly maneuverable. Dual-string suppressors quiet the shot and reduce vibration. New EZ Pull System has been engineered into the bow, reducing cocking effort by over 50%. G2 Bull-Pup trigger has an ambidextrous auto-engage safety, an anti-dry-fire device, and over-claw latch design, zero trigger travel and 100% machined-aluminum housing. Shoots bolts up to 340 fps. Power stroke:12-1/4. Draw weight: 165 lbs. Length: 35-1/2. Width: 20-3/4. Weight: 8 lbs. Camo pattern: Next Camo G1 Vista. Tornado F4 Package includes: Tornado F4 crossbow; illuminated multireticle scope; quick-detach four-arrow quiver; six Red Hot High-Velocity arrows; a Red Hot Roller Rope Cocker; three Red Hot Crosspro FX 100 broadheads; six 100-grain, match-weight field points; a Red Hot crossbow sling; a Red Hot Wax and Lube Kit; and a Red Hot soft crossbow case. Color: Red. Type: Crossbows. - $1,099.99


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