Outdoor Water Solutions Pond Aeration Windmill - Bronze - $2,299.99

Keep muck and excess organic matter from forming on the bottom of your pond and feeding excess vegetation and algae. Prevent stratification of your pond and winter kill caused by freezing. Aeration can accomplish these tasks and this windmill aeration system will also save you money on electric bills. The 16-ft. tall, pressure-treated, cedar-colored wood tower is topped with a bronze powder-coated head. An anchor kit secures the tower to withstand gusty winds. A high-output BalCam compressor produces output up to 4.5 cfm at 30 psi and is backed by a five-year manufacturers warranty. 50 ft. of weighted air line stays on the bottom where it wont interfere with fishing, swimming and other water fun. A high-output diffuser matches the compressors output. You also receive an air stone housing bucket, duck decoy marker and 100 ft. of 1/2 polytubing. Made in USA. Color: Bronze. - $2,299.99


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