Outdoor Water Solutions 20-Foot Windmill Aeration System - Natural - $1,899.99

As ponds age, they accumulate muck and excess organic matter on the bottom that leads to algae and unwanted vegetation. Aeration is a great way to eliminate muck, pond stratification, algae and winter kill that results from freezing. The result is a better pond. Made in USA. Available: Windmill Aeration System Now you can use natural wind energy to aerate your pond and save $25 to $50 a month on electrical bills in the process. This complete wind-powered aeration system includes a high-output BalCam compressor that produces up to 4.5 cfm at 30 psi and its backed by a five-year compressor warranty. You receive 100 ft. of weighted 1/2 airline that stays on the bottom and out of the way when you fish or swim. A high-output diffuser matches the compressors output for optimal results. Windmill hinges make installation and servicing convenient. The heads diameter is 73 and the tower is 20-ft. tall. Backyard Windmill Aeration Kit A smaller-scale system that allows the use of backyard ornamental windmills to power an aeration system for small- and medium-sized ponds with surface areas up to 300 sq. ft. and depths up to 3 ft. Kit includes a compressor pump to add oxygen and improve water quality. An air stone and 33 ft. of tubing are also included for diffused aeration. AerMaster Pro 3 Electric Aerator Works great in almost any pond or lake, even those up to 40 ft. deep and up to 1.5 acres. It can even aerate two locations at once. This system includes a 1/4hp rocking piston compressor producing 3.5 cfm of air at up to 50 psi. A 110 cfm circulating fan keeps the Compressor cool. The energy-efficient compressor draws only 2.7 amps at 10 psi (115v). Aerator includes 200 ft. of 3/8 weighted airline, three-valve manifold with two adjustable valves, two low-PS Color: Natural. - $1,899.99


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