Outdoor Fitness - $19.95

From the island of Maui to Manhattans Central Park, Tina Vindum has revolutionized the way people around the world are getting in shape. Her breakthrough Outdoor Fitness program, rooted in back-to-basics conditioning, is the most advanced and unique method available today to achieve true BodyMind power and the highest degree of overall fitness, health, and well being. Tina Vindums Outdoor Fitness makes this groundbreaking approach to exercise available for people everywhere, in one richly illustrated volume. After introducing her program, Tina describes the three phases of Outdoor Fitness: learning the base moves; incorporating them with some of her signature moves as the intensity and duration of workouts increase; and fine-tuning workouts so they become an integral part of your life. Tina Vindums Outdoor Fitness delivers what no other workout can: better, faster results on every levelphysical, mental, and emotional. - $19.95


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