Optronics LED Marker/Clearance Lights - Red - $8.99

Optronics LED Marker/Clearance Lights feature super-bright, bi-frequency light-emitting diodes. The small bulbs send out intense light for increased visibility and appear in patterns that stand out more than a simple glow. Available: Uni-Lite Light with Grommet Compact 3/4 Single-diode P2 rated LED clearance or side marker light in a sealed, waterproof housing. Includes grommet and plug. Colors: Red, Amber. Mini Sealed LED Allows you to add visibility to the side of your trailer so you know just how much clearance you have. Includes chrome trim ring. Colors: Red, Amber. Identification Light Bar Sports three LED lights on the rear cross member of your trailer that are sure to catch attention and help prevent accidents on the ride to and from the lake. Required on trailers over 80 wide. Color: Red. LED Clearance/Marker Light Boasts three LEDs for high visibility. Sealed housing. Includes chrome base and plug. Color: Red. Color: Red. Type: Tail Lights. - $8.99


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