Optronics Glare Free 400,000 Candlepower Sealed-Beam Marine Spot Light - $34.88

Penetrate rain, fog, snow and even see into the water with this powerful 400,000 candlepower sealed-beam spotlight. Designed for the demanding marine environment, the BlueEye Beam eliminates reflective glare and protects against night blindness to provide the extra clarity you need on your boat. It uses a 170-watt, par 46 BlueEye Beam sealed bulb. This 12-volt spotlight has corrosion-resistant hardware of stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum, and the push-button, on/off switch is protected by a waterproof cover. It comes with a white, 10-foot coil cord. "Of the lot tested, we preferred the Optronics BlueEye for its ruggedness, intense beam, and minimal back splatter. This is a genuine marine spotlight." Powerboat Reports. - $34.88