Open Country Gardenmaster Dehydrator - $149.99

Gardenmaster Dehydrator's fan design is so efficient, it's patented. It forces heated air up and around the edges of the pressurized chamber and across each individual tray, converging on the core for fast, even drying. No tray rotation is necessary, and the quiet 2,400 rpm motor with 5 fan means faster drying up to four-times faster than convection dryers. The thermostat is adjustable from 100 to 155F. Triple-wall insulated trays minimize energy loss and maximize efficiency. Expandable capacity up to 30 trays.Comes with four food-drying trays (additional trays sold separately) and a 64-page drying guide. Weight: 14 lbs. Dimensions: 15-1/4 diameter, 9-1/2 high. - $149.99


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