Nosler /Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Hunting Bullets Per 50 - $21.99

Ballistic Silvertip bullets are aerodynamically efficient and have boattail designs to maximize long-range bullet stability and accuracy. In hunting weights, the jackets have been thickened and cores hardened to blend generous expansion with penetration, making them ideal for light and medium game at extended ranges. The streamlined polycarbonate tip resists deformation in the magazine and causes positive expansion on impact with light and medium game. A thin jacket mouth opens easily and peels uniformly rearward to give you dependable long range, low-velocity expansion. The streamlined portion of the bullet in the front of the bearing surface minimizes wind drift and flattens trajectories. Core cavity allows the polycarbonate tip to generate momentum before contact with lead core, giving you dependable bullet expansion at the lowest practical velocity levels. Special lead alloys are engineered to provide uniform expansion in hunting bullets. Lubalox exterior coating reduces fouling, pressure and friction between the bullet and bore for longer barrel life, easier cleaning and enhanced accuracy. A Solid Base Boattail design reduces drag to maximize long range ballistic performance while providing a platform for a large-diameter mushroom. ATTENTION: Residents of DC please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering shot or bullet products. Type: Rifle Bullets. - $21.99


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