Nosler Varmageddon 22-caliber / .224 inch 55 Grain FBHP Bullets Box of 100 - $19.99

100 Nosler Varmageddon 22-caliber / .224" 55 Grain FBHP Bullets. Varmints, the end is here. Experience the new standard in varmint bullets. When maximum accuracy meets violent expansion, it's Varmageddon. Varmageddon Bullets are made with a lead-alloy core and feature a copper-alloy jacket designed to withstand high velocities yet expand immediately upon impact. Repent now, Mr. Prairie Dog, Varmageddon is here!End of days:Hollow point Ultra thin jacket mouth assures violent expansion at either end of the velocity scale Varmint jacket wall design... gradual thickening at the bullet's mid-section is designed to keep the Varmageddon together until impact-at any velocity Flat Base Bench rest accuracy out of a varmint bullet.Act Now! - $19.99


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