Nosler 7mm / .284 inch 150 Grain E-Tip Bullets Box of 50 - $39.99

50 Nosler 7mm / .284" 150 Grain E-Tip Bullets. "The new Nosler E-Tip is a lead-free bullet that doesn't compromise on accuracy, expansion, or penetration." And that's straight from the mouth of Bob Nosler himself. Nosler's E-Tip (Expansion-Tip) Bullet hits HARD - retaining 95% weight - while the exclusive Energy Expansion Cavity allows for immediate and even expansion. It's a lethal mix of stopping power and penetration - at a wide range of velocities - that stands nose-to-nose with the best lead-core bullets out there. In fact, the only problem Bob Nosler encountered during testing of the E-Tip Bullet? Recovering a sample. "No matter what they hit, they punched right on through."More:Nosler's advanced polymer tip initiates expansion while delivering unsurpassed penetration and weight retention The Expansion Control Ring insures controlled expansion at a wide range of velocities and conditions, making the E-Tip very versatile. The exclusive Energy Expansion Cavity provides a dual-expansion chamber for amazing stopping power and uniform expansion with 95%+ weight retention for superior penetration. Solid copper-alloy construction... one-piece design meets all "lead-free" hunting regulations Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance and for easier loading. - $39.99