Nosler 45-caliber / .451 inch 230 Grain FMJ Sporting Handgun Bullets Box of 250 - $69.99

250 Nosler 45-caliber / .451" 230 Grain FMJ Sporting Handgun Bullets are hand inspected to meet Nosler's rigid standards. Every. Single. One. Maximum accuracy and unfailing consistency. It doesn't happen by accident. It takes the best machinery, the most devoted people and endless testing. And that's what goes into every single Nosler Sporting Handgun Bullet. Every single bullet is produced on the most advanced, fully automated machinery, then hand inspected and polished to a bright finish. So whether you punch paper, shoot steel, or use your handgun for hunting, Nosler ensures you have the very finest in accuracy, consistency and overall quality.1-2 Punch: The Sporting Handgun Bullet's tapered copper alloy jacket and form-fitted pure lead core brings accuracy, game-taking ability and reliable expansion with every shot. - $69.99


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