Nosler .264 Winchester Custom Brass Box of 50 - $89.99

50 Nosler .264 Winchester Custom Brass Cases. The best brass a reloader can buy... unless you actually enjoy hours of tedious prep work. Reloading made easy! No more weighing, deburring, trimming, chamfering... because each piece of Nosler Custom Brass comes completely prepped, visually inspected and ready to load! Full-length sized, weight sorted and matched with +/- 1/2 grain for the kind of consistency that's absolutely vital when it comes to accuracy. Building the perfect load is now easier than ever, thanks to the pre-prepped convenience of Custom Brass Cases and the uncompromising attention to detail that's made Nosler THE name in the reloading game for decades.Top brass:Fully prepped, ready to load Case mouths are chamfered and deburred NoslerCustom Brass is hand-inspected and weight-sorted Flash holes are deburred and checked for proper alignment Each piece of brass is full length sized and trimmed to proper length. - $89.99


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