Northland Whistler Jigs - Flourescent Chartreuse - $2.49

These jigs call in crappie, bass and walleye. An innovative propeller spinner blade flashes and creates a sonic vibration as it rips through the water to coax fish to strike. The vibration creates a whistling sound when retrieved, a quality thats especially useful in murky rivers or reservoirs when sound and flash are pivotal to getting fish to bite. The propeller blade helicopters down at half of the speed of equally weighted jigs to attract fish suspended or hanging on the bottom. Northland Whistler Jigs have a plastic bait collar that securely holds plastic trailers and live bait on the hook shank. Rippling shank design and Lazer Sharp hooks. Per 2. Sizes: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4. Colors: (085)Neon Chartreuse/Lime, (126)Sunrise, (223)Glow-in-Dark, (260)Flourescent Orange, (273)Flourescent Chartreuse, (001)Silver, (002)Gold. Color: Flourescent Chartreuse. Type: Jig Kits. - $2.49


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