Northland Sink'n Jig - Chartreuse - $2.99

A DuraFinish coating ensures the Northland Sinkn Jig maintains a like-new appearance after many casts, fish and tall tales. Bait-Saver collar holds both soft plastics and live bait securely. Large eyes give fish a target to zero in on, and once they hit, the super-sharp hook keeps them from getting away. Sizes: 1/32 oz. (per 9) 1/16 oz. (per 8) 1/8 oz. (per 8) 3/16 oz. (per 7) 1/4 oz. (per 6) 3/8 oz. (per 6) 1/2 oz. (per 5) Colors: (003)Black, (006)Pink, (008)Orange, (010)Chartreuse, (013)Glow, (015)Lime Green, (099)Assorted. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Round Jigheads. - $2.99


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