Northland Pro-Walleye Series Long-Shank Spinner - Silver - $3.69

With a UV-brightened blade and Super-Glo beads, Northlands Pro-Walleye Series Long-Shank Spinner attracts fish from a distance. A #3 deep-cup Colorado blade provides irresistible vibrations, while the 1/0 long-shank hook is optimized for speed and snake rigging. Speed Clevis makes swapping blades quick and easy. Hand-decorated blade. Rigged on 40 of 15# Northland Bionic Monofilament line. Per each. Colors: (001)UV Glo Shiner, (003)UV Glo Red, (005)UV Wonderbread White, (007)UV Tiger, (009)UV Hot Steel, (011)Gold Christmas, (013)UV Silver Christmas, (015)UV Fire Perch. Color: Silver. Type: Bait Rigs. - $3.69


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