Northland Mimic Minnow Shad - Silver - $3.29

A unique soft-plastic bait with a hyperactive paddle tail that wiggles enticingly as the lure moves through the water at any speed. The holographic Baitfish-Image shad body sports lifelike colors and highly reflective FlashFoil shimmers like iridescent fish scales to attract fish from a distance. Realistic eyes add to the tempting presentation. Per 2. Sizes: MM3 - 2-3/8, 1/8 oz. MM4 - 3-1/8, 1/4 oz. MM5 - 3-1/4, 3/8 oz. Colors: (001)Silver Shiner, (002)Gold Shiner, (003)Firetiger, (004)Perch, (005)Bluegill. Color: Silver. Type: Rigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $3.29


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