NOLS Soft Paths Book - $19.95

The Soft Paths Book from Stackpole books is based on expertise from the principles of the Leave No Trace program, the NOLS's (National Outdoor Leadership School) and substantial research into wilderness. Soft Paths has long been the definitive guide to low impact outdoor enthusiasts. It covers every aspect of the outdoor experience and provides information on conservation law and the public's use of wild lands. PRODUCT FEATURES: Author: David Cole and Bruce Hampton 100054 , Stackpole books NOLS SOFT PATHS Books , Stackpole books backcountry books , Stackpole books backpacking books , Stackpole books wilderness books , Stackpole books outdoor books , Stackpole books outdoor adventures books , Stackpole books adventure books , Stackpole books outdoor conservation books , Stackpole books wilderness adventure books , Wilderness books , Books , Backcountry books , Backpacking books , Wilderness adventure books , Adventure books , Outdoor adventures books - $19.95


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