Night Optics Nightvision Riflescopes - $2,999.99

The 4X100 D-740 nightvision riflescopes from Night Optics combine years of experience with the latest technological developments. Standard features include a waterproof, purge-capable housing, an illuminated red- or amber-on-green mil-dot reticle, high-grade multicoated optics and a quick-release, throw-lever mount. With guaranteed zero retention on medium-caliber weapons (including .308 caliber), these riflescopes are the choice for military and law-enforcement professionals. The Generation 2+ model features an improved image-intensifier tube that uses a microchannel plate (MCP) with an S-25 photocathode (a negatively-charged electrode in a light-detection device) that produces much brighter imagery, resolution and reliability; this means better illumination in low ambient-light environments, such as moonless nights. Its also equipped with better optics for improved resolution and a better signal-to-noise ratio. The Generation 3 models have the same MCP as the Generation 2+ model, but instead have a photocathode made with gallium arsenide, which further improves image resolution. Additionally, the MCP on these models is coated with an ion-barrier film for increased tube life and the light amplication is over twice that of Generation 2+. Each one runs on two AA batteries (included) for up to 60 hours. Comes with a carry case and an operators manual. Optimal operating temperature range is -40F to 122F. Two-year limited manufacturers warranty. Dimensions: 9L x 3.5W x 4H. Weight: 2.4 lbs. Available: NS-740-2H Generation 2+. Detection range of 984 feet with a recognition range of 740 feet. NS-740-3S Generation 3. Detection range of 1,395 feet with a recognition range of 1,148 feet. NS-740-3GM Generation 3. Features manual gain ran - $2,999.99


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