Night Optics Nightvision Monoculars - $399.99

With outstanding performance in compact, lightweight packages, Night Optics nightvision monoculars feature an integrated infrared illuminator thats an ideal aid for extreme, low-light conditions. It significantly extends your visual acuity and detection range, translating into increased capability as weapon sights, observation devices and photographic equipment. Each multicoated, high-resolution 26mm lens has a wide field of view. Weather-resistant, camera adaptable and mountable on headgear (not included). Optimal operating temperature range is -4F to 113F. Comes with carry case, battery and operating manual. Available: 1X D-112 Monocular Gen 1 Affordable performance with enhanced nightvision equipped with built-in sensor that guards the unit against bright-light exposure. Detection range of 492 feet with a recognition range of 330 feet. One-year manufacturers warranty. Dimensions: 5.3L x 2.3W x 2.8H. Weight: 13 oz. 1X D-300 Monocular Gen 2 With extraordinary features and high versatility, the D-300 is compact and rugged with exquisite performance and simple controls. Standard features include mil-spec-grade optics, high power, multistage infrared illumination and an internal low-battery and IR indicator. Detection range of 656 feet with a recognition range of 495 feet. Can be mounted on firearms. Two-year manufacturers warranty. Dimensions: 5.5L x 1.8W x 2.5H. Weight: 16 oz. - $399.99


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