NFO Outlaw Escape Frameless - $524.88

Is it a float tube or a pontoon boat?Think of the Escape as the best of both. The instant you sit down in the captains chair, youll notice how much different this is than any other fishing vessel. Engineered for solid stability matched with float-tube versatility, the Dave Scadden design keeps weight to a minimum and ensures storage never becomes an issue. It may be small enough to call a float tube but, unlike a tube, the big advantage is that you can use oars to fly across the lake instead of creeping around using fins. The trick rack-and-pinion, fully integrated oar system complete with Liquiforce oars put you in total command of this Class-IIIwhitewater-rated cruiser. The frameless hybrid design incorporates the best elements of NFO pontoons like sophisticated heat-welded bladderless technology; patented fully rockered, front-entry Unitrac pontoons; and the multifunctional I.Q. pocket system. Manufacturers lifetime warranty. Made in USA. Includes: two 5-ft., two-piece oars. Weight:24 lbs. Weight capacity:600 lbs. Color: Outlaw Escape. - $524.88