Neilpryde Helium Windsurf Sail C4 Blue/Grey 7.5M - $689.95

If you are looking to get planing in light winds without having to carry around the weight of a large sail then this efficient profile will get you going just fine. Helium makes optimum use of its surface area resulting in ultimate top end control and performance.Key Features of the Neilpryde Helium Windsurf Sail: Deep, pronounced central to backhand oriented profile for extremely early planning and optimum lift in light winds. Moderate luff curve for medium body tension resulting in exceptionally early planing abilities. Dynamic Compact Clew, making the profile behind the clew able to twist off when wind pressure increases. The sail automatically adjusts its shape and thus controls excessive power. Ultracam F.R provides top performance from a regular ultracam in a compact design with facilitated rotation. Progressive use of monofilm thickness to combine a lightweight upper section with a durable foot area. Minimum luff sleeve width for a cambered sail for reduced weight and easy water starting. Luff Curve: Increased for stability Five full battens + flex head batten for a combination between light weight and low-end power. Size: 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 Luff: 448 (6.5), 471 (7.5), 493 (8.5) Boom: 192 (6.5), 212 (7.5), 232 (8.5) Base: 18 (6.5), 12 (7.5), 4 (8.5) Battens: 5 Cams: 2 Weight: 4.63 (6.5), 5 (7.5), 5.37 (8.5) Ideal Mast: 430 (6.5), 460 (7.5), 490 (8.5) Top Finishing: Fixed Head - $689.95