NcSTAR Full Size Friction Precision-Grade Bipod - $29.99

NcSTAR Full Size Friction Precision-Grade Bipod: Tack-driving stability with 4 mounting options. Make the shot and make it count! Just add this NcSTAR Precision-Grade Bipod to your rifle in one of three ways and you've got a flip-down steady shot anywhere you go. .Ready, steady, go:Compact design features telescoping tension-adjust legs that extend shooting height from 7-11" Directly mounts onto most sling swivel studs... also includes 3 separate adapters: AR-15 GI handguard adapter, universal rifle barrel mount, and Weaver / Picatinny type Spring-loaded folding action deploys fast and easy Rubber pod feet for stability Approx. 11.1 ozs. - $29.99