NcSTAR Cartridge Red Laser Bore Sighter Set - $49.99

NcSTAR Cartridge Red Laser Bore Sighter Set is the smarter, faster (and cheaper) way to get on the paper.A full set of the most common calibers! These NcSTAR Laser Bore Sighters are accurate, easy and convenient to operate. Just insert the batteries and twist on the end cap for a brilliant, perfectly straight, constant laser beam.Set your sights on these features:Laser dot size at 100 yds. is 2"Includes LR41 button-style batteries and zippered carry case4 common caliber sizes also work on the rounds that use the mother cartridge:7mm Rem Mag.30-06 Springfield (also works for .25-06 and .270).308 Winchester (also works for .243 and 7mm-08).223 Remington (also works for 300 blackout) - $49.99