Navionics HotMaps Platinum - $199.99

Take the most comprehensive lake data, covering more than 18,000 lakes, with Navionics HotMaps Premium. Freshwater charts includes nautical charts, SonarCharts and community edits. More than 2,500 lake charts are high definition, plus youll get SonarCharts HD bathymetry maps with one-foot contours on every lake. 3D views of every lake and exclusive high-resolution satellite imagery and panoramic images of popular lakes. Enhance SonarCharts with sonar logs you collect. Register online for one year of free Freshest Data updates. Also includes satellite overlay, structures, reefs, drop offs, vegetation, boat ramps, marinas, safety depth contours and navaids. Available: North, South, East, West, Canada. Color: Platinum. Type: Data Cards, Map Chips. - $199.99


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