Nauticus Smart Tabs - Self-Adjusting Trim Tabs - $139.99

Improve your boats economy, handling and safety with the unmatched convenience of completely automatic Smart Tabs SX. The Smart Tabs automatic trim plate system consists of two trim plates that are automatically adjusted by two nitrogen gas actuators, so absolutely no operator adjustment is needed while motoring. The innovative nitrogen gas actuator design provides lift at the stern of the boat by holding the trim plates down during acceleration. As the boat speed increases, the water pressure exceeds the actuator load rating and the trim plates begin to move upward until horizontal with the bottom of the boat. As the boat speed decreases, the water pressure decreases and the trim plates move down to optimize the lift, which keeps the boat on plane. The actuators have no internal metal springs and are completely regulated by nitrogen gas pressure. The internal valve system dampens the trim plate movement, which eliminates any instant reaction to minor water pressure variances. Smart Tabs provide smooth and undetectable reaction to boat speed. Simple installation with common hand tools. Includes all mounting hardware, instructions and templates. No through-the-hull drilling required. Available: Smart Tabs SX. Boat length/horsepower: 12-15, 25hp-35hp 14-17, 40hp-80hp 15-19, 60hp-140hp 16-20, 140hp-225hp Type: Self-Adjusting Trim Tabs. - $139.99


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