Natural Gear 7 Button All Purpose Bush Hunting Shirt for Men - $39.99

Built for toughness, comfort, and concealment, the Natural Gear 7 Button All Purpose Bush Hunting Shirt serves you well on any kind of hunt. Whether used as an outer garment in cool weather, by itself, or as a layering piece on colder hunts, this tough, quiet, and comfortable shirt keeps you concealed with Natural Gear's patented camo patterns. Made of 8 oz., 60% cotton/40% polyester, the Bush Hunting Shirt wears softly and moves quietly. Dual chest pockets with button closure. Button cuffs. Long tapered tail stays tucked in while you move. Machine wash. Imported.Tough, quiet, and versatile hunting shirt. Made of 8 oz., cotton/polyester brushed twill. Quality Natural Gear concealment. Dual chest pockets with button closures. Button cuffs. Long tapered tail. Natural Gear uses science for the best camouflage patterns to help you disappear naturally. Its pattern is a non-manipulated, soft-edged photographic image of natural elements. It has the colors of nature, without all the technical inchartisticinch details (sticks and leaves) that clutter other camouflage patterns. Natural Gear's patterns follow the Laws of Mother Nature to hide you completely. The Law of Tone: Photographically derived -- not too light, not too dark; easy to blend. The Law of Gravity: A distinct vertical orientation, just as in nature. The Law of Shadows: None in the pattern; only natural shadows allowed. The Law of Open: Broad designs, blurry edges. You blend at close range, and don't become a ''blob'' at distance. The Law of Versatility: Definitely not situation-specific -- hunt anywhere. The Law of Science: Precise, soft-edged photo images of natural elements. The Law of Reality: Just wear -- you'll blend, easily! - $39.99


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