Myron Mixon MMS-60 Flat Rack H2O Smoker - $5,999.99

Smoke delicious, off-the-charts, mouth-watering barbeque every time with the Myron Mixon MMS-60 Flat Rack H2O Smoker. This high performance smoker uses Mixon's proven Waterpan Technology, an indirect water cooking system that evenly disperses heat throughout the cooking chamber to lock in meat's natural juices. This innovative style gives you the option of cooking hot and fast or low and slow, making cooking great barbeque effortless and delicious. Made of durable 12-gauge steel fully insulated around the smoking chamber with 1inch thick, military-grade insulation, this smoker keeps heat and moisture in to keep all that precious smoke flavor inside. This insulated design and full length water pan also allows you to cook hotter and faster while maintaining consistent temperatures, requiring less fuel and time. The Flat Rack H2O smokers' unique rectangular shape maximize cooking capacity to give you up to 17 square feet of smoking space to cook delicious barbeque. This shape delivers equal meat capacity on the top and bottom steel cooking grates, maximizes smoking area, and offers the option to add additional racks for even more capacity. Stainless steel slide dampers on the firebox and 2 chimney stacks give you control over the fire inside, while the 2 Myron Mixon Smokers temperature gauge in the barn door-style doors helps you monitor the temperature inside at a glance. Front and side shelves give you space for supplies and food prep. Durable 6inch casters for easy moving. Durable back powdercoat finish with zinc primer base coat for long life. Sight glass. 1.5inch drain. Dimensions (w/o shelves): 60inch. L x 24inch. W x 68.5inch. H. 56.75inch x 21.75inch cooking grates. Weight: 930 lbs. Made in USA. Manufacturer model #: MMS-60.High performance smoker with indirect water cooking system. Locks in meat's natural juices - mouth-watering barbeque every time. Waterpan Technology - evenly disperses heat throughout cooking chamber. Durable 12-gauge steel construction. Fully insulated around smoking chamber with 1inch thick, military-grade insulation. Unique rectangular shape - maximizes cooking capacity17 square feet of smoking space - smoke 46 half chickens, 18 racks of St. Louis ribs, or 150 lbs of pork. Stainless steel slide dampers on firebox and 2 chimney stacks - great heat control2 temperature gauge in barn door-style doors - monitor temperature at a glance. Front and side shelves. Durable 6inch casters. As a three-time world barbecue champion, Myron Mixon is the winningest man in barbecue. He is the chief cook of the Jack's Old South Competition Bar-B-Que Team; the star of Destination America's BBQ Pitmasters and new docureality show for Destination America; the author of the New York Times bestselling cookbook inch. Smokin' with Myron Mixon: Recipes Made Simple, from the Winningest Man in Barbecueinch (Random House, May 2011) and the upcoming inch. Everyday Barbecueinch (Random House, May 2013). He is widely recognized as the most successful and charismatic man in barbec - $5,999.99