Muzzy MX-3 Broadheads - Black - $26.99

What sets the MX-3 three-blade apart from the rest of the broadheads in the Muzzy line? For starters, it sports a shorter profile, 1-1/4 cutting diameter and .025-thick, stainless steel blades, making the cutting diameter 1/16 wider and the blades .005 thicker. This updated design allows the MX-3 to fly truer and faster and deliver more killing power at the point of impact. Like its predecessors, this take on Muzzys classic, proven construction includes a bone-splitting Trocar tip, a high-grade aircraft-aluminum ferrule (75 grain and 100 grain, Steel ferrule 125 grain) and interlocking blades that form a stout column of steel within the ferrule. Per 3. Available: 75 gr. - Cutting diameter: 1-3/16 100 gr. - Cutting diameter: 1-1/4 125 gr. - Cutting diameter: 1-3/16 Color: Black. Type: Fixed-Blade Broadheads. - $26.99


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