Muzzy M.O.R.E Turkey Broadhead - $39.99

Put big toms down during archery season without relying on meat damaging shots through the chest with the M.O.R.E Turkey Broadhead from Muzzy on your arrow. This durable broadhead offers a wide 3inch cutting diameter for more successful head and neck shots. Expanding design locks closed with just a 1inch diameter in-between hunts to fit in any standard quiver. When you get to the woods, this broadhead locks into shooting position with a simple tightening of its sharp cutting tip. The M.O.R.E. features 3 sharp .051inch steel blades with a 1.5? offset for better accuracy and durability. 125 grain broadhead. 3 pack. Manufacturer model #: 115.Unique expanding broadhead design for turkeys. Wide 3inch cutting diameter gives bowhunters successful head and neck shots. Broadhead collapses to 1inch diameter in between hunts - fits in any standard quiver. Expands with a simple twist of the broadhead's sharp cutting tip3 sharp .051inch steel blades1.5? offset for better accuracy and durability3 pack - $39.99


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