Musky Mayhem Jr. Double Cowgirl - Black/Orange - $29.99

A great lure for muskies and big pike, the JR Double Cowgirl is a smaller version of the Double Cowgirl. Its an inch shorter and its spinner blades are 10% smaller, resulting in tremendous fish-enticing vibrations without the pull of larger lures. Flashabou skirting increases the profile while adding color and attention-grabbing action. Per each. Size: 9, 2.3 oz. Colors: (001)Black/Nickle, (002)Super Black, (003)Black/Chart Black Flame, (005)Blue Silver/Nickle, (006)Purple/Brass, (011)Gold Orange Brass, (024)Black/Orange, (056)Black Fire, (113)Crappie, (526)Midnight Cisco, (625)Bumble Bee, (847)Bull Frog, (902)Junebug, (928)Blackend Rainbow. Color: Black/Orange. Gender: Female. Age Group: Kids. Type: InLine Spinners. - $29.99


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