Muddy The Nova Ladder Stand - $199.99

The Nova Ladder Stand from Muddy is a comfortable and secure 1-person stand with a 16' rise to the shooting rail and a big 18inchx26inch foot platform. The padded seat is 22inchx16inch and flips up if you need to stand. All-steel construction and a 4-point body harness keeps safety in the forefront, and the support bar and the shooting rail are adjustable. A convenient drink holder cradles a beverage. Min. tree size: 9inch diameter. Weight rating: 300 lbs. Weight: 60 lbs.16' to shooting rail. Adjustable shooting rail. Steel construction. Foot platform: 18inchx26inch. Seat: 22inchx16inch. Flip-up seat. Seat height: 21inch. Padded armrests. One 1inch ratchet straps. Two 1inch stabilizer straps. Adjustable support bar4-pt. full-body harnesses. Min. tree size: 9inch diameter. Weight rating: 300 lbs.Weight: 60 lbs. - $199.99