Muck Fieldblazer II Waterproof Camo Rubber Hunting Boots Realtree Xtra Camo - $129.99

Muck Fieldblazer II WATERPROOF Camo Rubber Hunting Boots, sure-dry, stealthy and "real boot" comfortable! Muck Boots, ready to get down and dirty, any time, anywhere! If you want to get to those magical spots where the bruisers roam, it's gonna get a little messy. Worry not, because Fieldblazer II Rubber Boots are with you every step of the way, cutting through the mud and slime with extraordinary ease. The original Fieldblazer Boots were already outstanding, but Muck never rests on their laurels. They went back to the drawing board to create the Fieldblazer II, a "sequel" that surpasses the original with even better warmth, comfort, traction and support. Happy hunting! The Muck Formula It's all about Muck's exclusive, self-insulating, waterproof Neoprene shell construction. The Neoprene acts as a "neutral medium" between inside and outside temperatures, and can easily produce the same insulated warmth as standard lofted insulation. Natural rubber overlays act as a protective skin for the Neoprene bootie. The rubber will stay flexible for years... and thus, so will the Boots. A Little More On Muck How good are Muck Boots? After just 15 years in the rubber boot game, they've already ascended to the top of the heap, surpassing tried and true brands that have been hawking rubber boots for decades. That's because Muck delivers on the comfort and quality always, and you'll experience it first-hand. Blaze a new trail: Angled topline for a more comfortable fit 5mm Neoprene insulation with breathable air mesh lining for warm, dry comfort Midsole features Achilles reinforcement to help stabilize your step High waffle outsole for aggressive traction Comfort range: Sub-freezing to +65 degrees F The upper calf and topline are made of neoprene, so they're flexible, not stiff. Pants can be worn over or inside the Boots Each approx. 16"h. Order yours today! - $129.99


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