MTM Shoulder-Gard Rifle Rest - $44.99

Spending an afternoon sighting in a magnum-caliber rifle used to mean putting up with a sore shoulder for a day or two. But with this all-new weightable four-point flex base, you can shoot big-bore rifles all day long without feeling the effects. The secret is in putting extra weight in the compartment coupled with the innovative recoil-reduction sling. Less recoil means less fatigue and flinching, so your accuracy will stay consistent from your first shot to your last. The central compartment can be used to hold ammo and supplies or up to 50 lbs. of stabilizing weight. Versatile, nonmarring rubber shooting pads accommodate all styles of stocks and barrels. Precision dialed forearm support has 3 1/2 of vertical variation for pinpoint accuracy. Storage compartment cover doubles as a handgun rest. Gripping rubber feet keep the rest from sliding on the bench. - $44.99


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