MTM Clay Target Throwers - $7.99

Challenge friends and family with fast-paced sporting clay action wherever its safe to compete. These lightweight throwers let you bring target-shooting fun anywhere. They dont need electricity to operate or heavy mechanical devices to fling targets only a little arm power. Unlike bulky automatic or manual throwers that are fixed in place, hand throwers let you launch targets at constantly varying speeds and unpredictable angles to increase the difficulty of each round. Push your marksmanship to the next level. Available: The ergonomic EZ-Throw II throws clays faster and farther than most mechanical throwers. This one-piece plastic thrower uses innovative power curve engineering to throw consistently smooth birds. The technology harnesses the kinetic energy of your arm and focuses it for the most power. It only takes a little practice to throw jump birds, curves and ground skimmers like a pro. It wont rust or break. Throws right or left handed. Length: 19. The 10-position adjustable EZ Double-Throw puts out challenging doubles and singles. Its the only hand-thrower that can launch two targets on top of each other to replicate a quail covey flush. Its patented technology lets you adjust the horizontal and vertical separation of doubles. Launches targets up to 60 yds. with a baseball-like swing. Throws right or left handed. Kit includes a pair of EZ-Throw II launchers and the handle assembly. Length: 31. The EZ-Throw MR launches sporting clays up to 95 yds. Its the fastest hand-thrower MTM offers. Its far-reaching clays simulate the high-flying paths of geese and doves. Throws right or left handed. Kit includes an EZ Throw II and the handle assembly. Length: 50. Color: Clay. Type: Throwers. - $7.99


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