MSR Quick Solo System Cookset - $42.93

The MSR Quick Solo System cookset is for fast-packing hikers who rehydrate meals and prepare hot drinks while logging lots of miles on the trail. Cookset includes a 1.3-liter hard-anodized aluminum pot, 1 strainer lid, 1 insulated mug and 1 pot handle. 1.3-liter pot meets your needs for basic cooking tasks; hard-anodized aluminum spreads heat evenly for good cooking performance. Brushed aluminum lid features an integrated strainer to eliminate the hassle of draining water from noodles or steamed vegetables. Talon(TM) pot handle attaches to and removes from the pot's exterior bracket, ensuring you don't scratch the inner surface. 12.5 fl. oz. stainless-steel mug has an insulated sleeve to keep your drinks hot and easy to handle; includes a sip-through lid. Mug nests within the pot for efficient packing. MSR Quick Solo System cookset weighs 11.4 oz. - $42.93