Mr. Heater Compact Propane Accessories - Yellow - $14.99

Use these propane cylinder accessories for more safety and versatility. Made in USA. Available: Compact Distribution Post Connect up to three propane-powered grills, cook stations or appliances to a single propane cylinder. Its three-outlet, QQC1 connector is compatible with all Type 1 propane cylinders. 30-high post breaks down for space-saving transport. Carry bag included. Propane Bulk Cylinder Adapter with Handwheel Allows camping appliances designed for use with 1-lb. propane cylinders to operate on a bulk cylinder. Attaches to 20-lb. or larger cylinders. Propane Gauge/Leak Detector Monitors fuel pressure/cylinder level and detects dangerous leaks. Reliable Acme-nut connections. Color: Yellow. Type: Adapters. - $14.99


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