Mountain House Snacks and Desserts - Multi - $3.99

Just because you're traveling deep in the backcountry without the luxury of refrigeration. You don't have to sacrifice succulent desserts and snacks. Easy-to-prepare, stand up pouches make preparation a breeze. Simply open, pour boiling water into the high-barrier foil, seal and wait the allotted time. Then enjoy your tasty dessert right out of the pouch. Zip-close pouch makes for convenient trash carry out. Shelf-stable for two years makes it ideal for backpacking, camping and emergency foods. Available: Raspberry Crumble Premium raspberry sauce topped with chocolate cookie crumbs. Mix contents with water in the provided pouch, sprinkle cookie crumbs on top, let stand for a few minutes, and then serve hot or cold. Serves 4. 1/2-cup serving size. 5.1-oz. net weight. Ice Cream Sandwich Enjoy freeze-dried vanilla ice cream right from the pouch without prep time or water. Delectable vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate wafers. One sandwich per pouch. 1.1 oz. net weight. Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar A freeze dried treat made from real ice cream that you can enjoy any time of year. Doesn't require water or prep time. Simply remove from pouch and enjoy the classic chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. One bar per pouch. 3/4-oz. net weight. Color: Multi. Type: Dehydrated Food. - $3.99


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