Mountain House Freeze Dried Chicken Teriyaki with Rice Entree - $10.49

Make it easy to enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal on your next outdoor adventure with the Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki with Rice Entr?e. Packed in a specially designed, multi-layered foil pouch, all you have to do to fix this meal is add boiling water and then eat the filling entr?e right from the pouch. This special pouch allows food to be stored at room temperature for years, retaining the fresh flavor and original texture. Meal contains two 10-ounce servings of chicken, rice and vegetables with an oriental flavor. Contains soy and wheat. Dry weight: 5 oz. Made in USA.Manufacturer model #: 53-124.Easy packing, easy to prepare, delicious, nutritious freeze dried entr?e10 oz. serving-2 servings. Easy prep-add boiling water in pouch and eat meal right from the pouch. Specially designed, multi-layered foil pouch keeps food at room temperature for years. Retains fresh flavor and original texture. Chicken, rice, and vegetables with an oriental flavor. The Mountain House product line of freeze-dried meals has been manufacturing backpacking / recreational foods since the late-1960s. Other brands of backpacking foods mix freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients in their entr?es. Dehydrated ingredients cost less and do not have the superior flavor that freeze dried ingredients do. Dehydrated foods often require soaking and long cook times, while freeze dried entr?es require only the addition of boiling water and a maximum set time of 10 minutes. - $10.49


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