Mountain House Freeze-Dried Breakfast - Multi - $6.99

Just because youre traveling deep within the backcountry without the luxury of refrigeration doesnt mean you have to sacrifice succulent, hearty meals. Easy-to-prepare, stand up pouches make preparation a breeze. Simply open, pour boiling water into the high-barrier foil, seal and wait the allotted time. Then enjoy your tasty meal right out of the pouch. Zip-close pouch makes for convenient trash carry out. Shelf-stable for ten years makes it ideal for backpacking, camping and emergency foods. Available: Eggs with Bacon Precooked scrambled eggs with real bacon. 2.25-oz. net weight. One serving per pouch. Granola with Blueberries and Milk Simply add cold water and mix. 4-oz. net weight. One serving per pouch. Color: Multi. Type: Dehydrated Food. - $6.99


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