Motorguide Xi5-80 FW Trolling Motor with Wireless Foot Pedal Sonar and Pinpoint GPS - $1,469.99

Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor with Wireless Foot Pedal, Sonar and GPS. Engineered for anglers with GPS, built-in transducer and wireless capabilities right out of the box! Why turn fishing into rocket science? MotorGuide's Xi5 Trolling Motor makes wireless control simple. Right out of the box you get the power to command and control from anywhere on your boat.Wireless Pedal for Precise Control:MotorGuide's wireless pedal provides outstanding motor control from anywhere on the boat. The intuitive, pro-style "heel-toe" operation controls steering that's extremely quiet, precise and 50% faster than the competition. Digital variable speed control enables exceptional low-speed trolling capability and longer run time.Unrivaled Sonar Performance:Get it, with MotorGuide's built-in 200kHz sonar transducer. Compatible with most leading sonar brands, it'll deliver impressive clarity and detail to your boat - helping you pinpoint more fish and structure for more successful fishing. Also features a built-in temperature sensor and an epoxy-potted nose cone for maximum protection.Navigate Your Boat with Pinpoint GPS Accuracy:Pinpoint uses an ultra-precise GPS receiver and precision control algorithms for incredibly accurate performance. A compact, easy-to-use remote controls these Pinpoint features. Anchor: Holds boat position on a fixed GPS coordinate Stores and recalls up to 8 positions While in Anchor mode, the directional controls can be used to move the boat in 5-foot increments in any direction Heading Lock: Navigates the boat to a specific compass heading Route: Record and playback up to 8 routes of up to four miles each Cruise Control: Hold a GPS speed while navigating a heading or route What else does theXi5 Trolling Motor have to offer? Plenty. It's reliable, quiet, easy to use and power-packed! Take a look and learn why it's the fisherman's choice!All-New Composite Shaft:The new composite shaft can take on any and all obstructions that get in its way. It'll bend, - $1,469.99


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