Mooselook Wobbler Spoon - Rainbow - $5.49

A proven trout and salmon spoon for over 60 years. Fish the time-tested action at a wide range of speeds. Pump your rod to make the Mooselook appear to be darting away or fluttering back, just like a wounded baitfish. Made in Canada. Per each. Sizes: 1/12 oz., 1-7/8 1/6 oz., 2-1/2 1/4 oz., 3-1/8 Colors: (001)Gold, (002)Chrome, (003)Copper, (007)Fluorescent Orange, (018)Nuwrinkle Silver/Blue, (019)Nuwrinkle Gold/Orange, (033)Copper Nuwrinkle, (039)Candy Apple Green, (044)Rainbow Smelt, (048)Orange Monkey, (049)Green Monkey, (081)Silver Glow/Purple Dot, (082)Silver Glow/Orange Dot, (246)Watermelon. Color: Rainbow. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $5.49


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