Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe Decoy - $69.99

Montana Decoy's ''Dreamy Doe'' was the first to lead the company's celebrated ''herd.'' Standing 37''H x 40''L, this Dreamy Doe Decoy weighs only 30 oz. including poles. Folded, it measures only 13'' x 16'' x 2''. So lightweight, you can easily stick several in your pack until needed. Montana Decoy's Whitetail Buck Decoy is a 2-dimensional, realistic print of a high-definition photo on a cotton/polyester fabric. The image is mirrored on the reverse side so that no matter which direction the Dreamy Doe is approached from, it will always be seen. A steel band is sewn between the 2 layers of printed fabric to keep the decoy erect. Imported.Lifelike appearance, lightweight, compact design and fast set-up. Set-up size: 37''H x 40''L Folded size: 13'' x 16'' x 2'' Weight: 30 oz. including poles 2-dimensional, photo-realistic print on cotton/polyester fabric Mirror print on reverse side A sewn-in steel band keeps the material erect - $69.99


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