Montana Canvas Wall Tent Fly - $279.99

A great addition to any canvas or blend wall tent, the Montana Canvas Tent Fly delivers added protection from wind, snow, and rain and much, much more. A full-sized tent fly also adds extra insulation, protects the tent from sparks, UV rays, moisture, and allows snow and heavy rain to slide off easier in extreme weather. Safe and strong for camping, hunting or any outdoor base camp, these waterproof Relite tent flies also feature a cutout for stove pipe and weatherproof flap to cover the cutout when the stove is not in use. A tent fly also may help with condensation problems that may occur from using propane heat, boiling water, or drying wet clothes in your wall tent. Tent flies are recommended if you plan to leave your tent setup for extended periods of time to protect the tent canvas from damaging UV rays. Made in USA.Adds extra protection for your Canvas or Blend Wall Tent Shields tent from rain, wind, snow - especially helpful in extreme weather. Insulates tent Protects canvas from sparks Waterproof material is safe and strong. Cut-out for stovepipe and weatherproof flap Adds protection from UV rays. Canvas and Blend Wall Tents, frames, and other accessories are sold separately and can be found through keyword search by typing in the keywords inch. Montana Canvasinch - $279.99


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