Montana Canvas Blend Wall Tent - $1,299.99

Montana Canvas Blend Wall Tents blend canvas and relite material to give outdoorsmen the look and durability of a traditional canvas tent, without the weight. These tents feature a 10 oz. canvas roof with lightweight Relite sides and end walls. The pliable, lightweight, easy to clean, polyester-based Relite walls deliver a tear strength, longevity, and UV resistance that's even better than canvas. Blend tents also offer the same mildew and fire resistance and water repellent performance as other Montana Canvas tents. Every Montana Canvas wall tent comes standard with 5' walls, a military stove jack with weather flap, and a full-length ridge pole reinforcement through the center with additional reinforcement at the gable ends. The eaves are constructed of a double canvas layer with double stitching, while the endwall seams use six layers of double lock-stitched canvas. The large, 7' 6'' tent doors are secured by a heavy-duty, trouble free YKK zipper with a generous weather flap secured by Fastex side-release buckles that make it tremendously easy to buckle the doors wide open in pleasant weather. The tent bottom is reinforced with webbing and uses grommets instead of stake loops so you can stake the tent to the ground from the inside or outside. Sewn-in sod cloth extends a full 12inch beyond the tent bottom, providing a complete weather-tight seal. Each tent comes with an instructional DVD that explains tent setup and care and rope, rope slips, and storage bag. Made in USA.Time-proven wall tent design. Canvas roof and lightweight Relite walls. Military stove jack with weather flaps for safe wood stove use. Full-length ridge pole reinforcement. Additional reinforcement at the gable ends. Eaves feature double-layer construction with double stitching. End wall seams use 6 layers of double lock-stitched canvas. Large, 7' 6'' tent doors. Grommets allow you to stake the tent to the ground from the inside or outside. Weather-tight seal Ropes, rope slips, and storage bag included. Wall tents are part of the legacy of our great country. From the earliest days they provided shelter from the elements for pioneers, trappers, miners and hunters. The wall tent is still the most comfortable, durable tent style available today, and a great way for outdoorsmen, both experienced and first-time, to enjoy the outdoors. Tested for extreme conditions at its home just north of Yellowstone National Park, Montana Canvas wall tents exhibit the highest standards of construction, materials and comfort. Its flexible design also allows for the addition of many accessories, so you can create the perfect tent for your outdoor shelter needs. With a design and performance that have passed the test of time, a Montana Canvas wall tent can be an heirloom your family hands down from one generation to another, with all the precious memories it helped you make.Floors, frames, fly windows, and accessories are sold separately and can be found through keyword search by typing in the keywords inch. Montana Ca - $1,299.99


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