MOJO Outdoors MOJO Booty Shaker Duck Decoy Accessory - $19.99

Add the realistic sight and sound of water splashing to your proven MOJO Mallard or other large MOJO motorized duck decoy (sold separately) with the MOJO Booty Shaker. This handy accessory attaches to any large MOJO motorized decoy with magnetic wingsand uses the decoy's spinning wing motion to make ripples in the water and splash just like a real duck. The Booty Shaker includes a counter-weighted collar that fits over the hub of one of the magnetic wings and a Booty Shaker Paddle that mounts between the decoy mounting peg and support pole. When positioned properly, the counter-balance on the wing imparts a vibration through the paddle to the surface of the water.Manufacturer model #: HW2436Works with any large MOJO motorized decoy with magnetic wings. Adds realistic water sound and splashing. Includes counter-weighted color and shaker paddle. Collar imparts vibration through paddle down to the water. Adds more realism. Motorized duck decoys are sold separately and can be found through keyword search by typing in the keyword inch. MOJO Mallardinch - $19.99