Mister Tenderizer - $19.99

Imagine the time, effort and clean-up time you'll save by having a single, handy and affordable kitchen accessory that tenderizes, flattens and marinates all at once. Forget about meat hammers, rolling pins and chemical tenderizers that can alter the taste of your meat. One trip through Mister Tenderizer will make any meat absorb seasonings, spices and aromatic spices more efficiently and cook more evenly. Once assembled, you'll never have to disassemble the device. Just spray or rinse clean. You can even put it in the dishwasher! Mister Tenderizer clamps to counter or table tops when in use, then unclamps for easy storage. See why this innovative product was voted Best Barbeque Specialty Product by the National Barbeque Association. - $19.99


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