MirrOLure Series III S 52 MR Sinking Twitch Bait - Silver/Black - $6.59

This new take on a classic MirrOLure bait combines a natural baitfish pattern, 3-D eyes and highly reflective holographic foil to give it the flash and realism saltwater fish find irresistible. With a sink rate of 12-per-second, you can count down the depth until you start a twitching retrieve. Twitching and reeling will cause the bait to dart from side to side. Three or four good twitch-and-retrieve cycles followed by a countdown pause will cause the bait to realistically mimic a small fish in distress and drive predators wild. This lures configuration makes it an excellent choice for casting off beaches on calm days or working grass flats and channels. Three, sharp, premium hooks will make it hard for a striking fish to avoid your hookset. Per each. Size: 3-5/8, 1/2 oz. Colors: (011)Redhead, (033)Silver/Black Back, (102)Green Back, (340)Hot Pink/Chartreuse/Silver, (526)Gold Chartreuse, (760)Chartreuse/Pearl/Silver, (928)Gold/Black Back. Color: Silver/Black. - $6.59


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